Sports and fitness have remained a constant source of inspiration since early age. A short stint in the IT industry convinced me that I am not cut for mundane desk job. A chance preview in to the world of salsa dancing got me hooked and later when I got introduced to Zumba, I knew I had found my calling!

I took my first Zumba session in 2011- the music and routine sparked my interest. I spent the next one year attending master classes to equip myself as a trainer. I am super excited to share my passion and spread healthy way of life amongst the people I train. My best moments as a trainer are when participants thank me with the same exhilarating feeling that I felt on my first Zumba session.

With increasing awareness, fitness is accepted more as a way of life and a connexion of body, mind and soul. I engage with people from different schools of thought as I endeavour to keep myself updated in the exciting and multi-faceted field of Fitness.

My classes, personal training or group sessions, are my promise of invigorating and challenging workouts designed to suit individual needs and based predetermined set of goals that aim to help the person reach optimum fitness level for a healthy and balanced life.

Do join my class to experience unparalleled fun as you burn calories even without realising it!